Susi helped me with the harmonization of my house, and I was pleased with her work. She was always patient and answered all my questions easily. In addition, she was available to assist me as I bought new home decor and she was very attentive to the details.


I love Susi's work, I am gradually organizing my space. I believe it has evolved a lot with her help and I feel it pays me back in my daily life. She always answers my questions, helping me to choose new furniture, and to decide how to best harmonize my space. I loved her consulting and I am very grateful.


Gradually, I am handling the clutter in my space. I detached from many clothes I no longer wear and was very happy about it. My friends got some clothes and they were happy too! Susi helped me change and she taught me many things. Thank you!


Susi is so good at what she does!

Every time I look at my cabinets, it is so fun because I know exactly where each thing goes, and I know exactly where to find each thing. She knows her stuff! She brought her magic to my house and it was awesome.


After working with Susi, I can finally walk around in my bedroom. She helped me assess all the boxes I had to unpack. Susi did a great job helping me make decisions about my stuff. She was always open to do everything in my pace.


LOVE Letter Stamps