Let Energy Flow

About Susi

Hello there! 


My name is Susane, but I also go by Susi. I am from Brazil, where I worked as an attorney before moving to Chicago. As a person who needs to have a meaning in my work and aims to make the difference where I go, I decided to restart my career in the US doing something that was first my hobby and it is significant enough to change people's lives. 

My passion for organizing started with Feng Shui, the incredible Chinese art I have been studying for some years. It opened up my eyes to holistic techniques and to the knowledge that everything is interconnected as a whole. Thus, I started to understand that nothing flows in a cluttered or poorly cared place (nothing, including our lives). That is why I decided to professionally specialize in Feng Shui and Organizing with training in Brazil and in the US, so I could learn more about how to meet the needs of my clients’ lives and spaces with both services.​

“Letting energy to flow in your space is a journey. To prepare your environment to mirror your most beautiful self and to reflect the best in your life is totally worth it. Are you ready for that?"

After experiencing it myself and being able to testify to the incredible changes we can achieve by working on our spaces, I offer you my skills to help you with your own space and to experience the benefits of having a better energy flow in it and more functionality and harmony in your surroundings and your routine. If you are seeking improvements in your life, if you need to better your space, if you want to bring a good Feng Shui to your building, we need to talk!

Susane Marangoni Molina