Let Energy Flow

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Each consulting helps you be in control of your space. They were created to help you to harmonize your home/office, while bringing more functionality to your routine and enhancing the energy flow of your surroundings.

When you need Feng Shui your space:

If you are building a property, or buying one, or remodeling it, or if you feel you need to balance areas of your life in order to magnify and reinforce them.

When you need Organize your space:

If you feel you are struggling with your space and do not have control over it. If you cannot find your belongs when you need them. If you are going to Feng Shui your space and need to improve the energy flow for its best operation.

Also, if you are staging, moving, downsizing, or need assistance with paper management.


The consulting is appropriate for both residential and commercial buildings, and it is offered in person and online sessions to meet your needs.

All information shared during the project is strictly confidential, as well as clients names.


Any project that involves Feng Shui requires the floor plan of the space. You will also need to provide the year of construction of the building and to answer a questionnaire for the access of areas of life that I need to pay more attention (in a commercial project, the executive employees are invited to answer it). Besides that, a measurement with a compass will be requested in case we are doing an online consultation (instructions of how to proceed will be properly provided).

Payment by cash, check, credit card, and PayPal.

Contact for more information.

Chicagoland, IL. USA