Let Energy Flow

Online Consultation
Each consulting helps you be in control of your belongings and to be in harmony with your space. They were developed to assist you to harmonize your property, while bringing more functionality to your routine and enhancing the energy flow in your surroundings.

​All the consulting is appropriate for both residential and commercial buildings, and it is offered in person and online sessions.

​All information shared during the project is strictly confidential, as well as clients’ names (unless consent otherwise).

 Any project that involves Feng Shui requires:

the floor plan of the space

the year of construction of the building

the questionnaire answered


Besides that, a measurement with a compass will be requested in case we are doing an online consultation (instructions of how to proceed will be properly provided).

Payment by cash, check, credit card, and PayPal.

​Contact for more information.

My Life My Space


It is the most complete consultation. Here, we work with your space as a whole (as it should be), giving it the treatment and attention it needs in order to resolve any Organizing or Feng Shui issues it may have. We focus on bringing your environment to the same level of your goals to reflect the best of yourself (and the other household members/employees).

This consultation is a therapy for your space that heals and harmonize it. Our purpose is to reaffirm your connection with your space, assuring some important aspects to it, such as flow of energy, functionality, and balance.

When the project is done, you can master your belongings and be in harmony with your surroundings at the same time.


When you need My Life My Space Consulting?

If you are building a property, buying one, or remodeling it. If you need to balance areas of your life in order to magnify and reinforce them. If you want to upgrade your surroundings, making your space to reflect your best self.

Investment: starting at $375.00 (varies according to the size of each space and sessions)


Feng Shui My Space


This consultation consists in a therapy that harmonizes your space, balances its energy, and enhances specific areas of life of your environment, with the combination of specific Feng Shui Schools.


When you need Feng Shui My Space Consulting?

If you are building a property, or buying one, or remodeling it, or if you feel you need to balance areas of your life in order to magnify and reinforce them.

Investment: starting at $342.00 (varies according to the size of each space)

Organizing My Space


With this consultation, you will learn how to “make room for the energy to flow” in your space while I also create a system that will serve you and your family (or coworkers). The entire process of organizing has three steps:

1. Detaching and Decluttering, in which we evaluate your belongings to handle and prevent the pop up of stagnant energy;

2. Sorting out. It is when we separate and categorize your belongings to facilitate your routine and to bring more functionality to your life;


3. Determine organizing items that will help you to store your belongings and to keep your space organized. Here, you receive suggestions and telephone assistance to purchase the right items.


When do you need Organizing My Space Consulting?

If you are struggling with your space and feel overwhelmed with it. If you cannot find your belongings when you need them. If you are going to Feng Shui your space and need to improve the energy flow for its best operation.

Also, if you are staging, moving, or downsizing.

Investment: starting at $60.00

Single Sessions

You can schedule single sessions to address specific issues of your space. This consultation is perfect for those people who don’t have enough time to spend on a full project; for those who are looking for a more affordable solution; for those who are planning to move, but want to make sure they will live in a suitable space until the time for moving comes up.

Investment: $45.00

Purchasing a Property

Acquiring a new property is an important chapter of people’s lives (if not the most important). It is a huge investment of money and time in a space people spend hours, and probably years along. That is where families build memories, live significant days of their lives, and share unique stories with loved ones.

A new property may be where you will learn, grow, rest, and restore your energy. That property may be where you will create and make money. It will connect with you and reflect you. So, it needs to be a right decision.

With this consultation, we make sure to evaluate the properties you are interested on to you avoid you purchasing a “problem” one.

Investment: starting at $60.00

Shopping Assistance

Does not matter if you need assistance with either Feng Shui or Organizing products. I can help you!

Besides all the consultations, you can also have help to purchase crucial articles for you space that will decorate your environment while working with its areas of lives. In this way, you don’t need to spend those extra hours looking for things would fit your life and your space because I got your back!

Investment: starting at $45.00