Updated: May 24, 2019

The kitchen has an important role in our lives because it is where we prepare our food and turn groceries into nourishing meals. In Feng Shui, this conversion of food symbolizes a connection between health and wealth. It is because by affording to buy healthy food we maintain the health of our bodies. Thus, we must dedicate some time to take care of our kitchens in order to reflect their good Feng Shui in our lives and routines.

Thereby, first thing to pay attention is the #decluttering process. To keep the #energy flowing in our kitchens, we need to keep the #clutter away from them. Beyond that, having a cluttered countertop not only cuts out our enthusiasm to cook, but it can also make the entire process frustrating and overwhelming. For this reason, do not be afraid to devote special attention to preserve it neatly and plentiful.

To give to your #kitchen the love and attention it deserves:

1. Donate, #recycle, and throw away all the objects that are broken. They still our energy and lower the energy of the space.

2. Regarding your kitchen utensils, if you do not use them and if they do not make your heart turn somersaults, there is no point in keeping them.

3. Place similar items together

4. Store items you use more often in places easy to reach

5. Make room for yourself to shine while you are working on the countertop.

It is important to note that the #stove is fundamental in a meal preparation. In Feng Shui, it is known as the heart of the kitchen and it is related to the #wealth. For having such an important part in our lives, it must be always clean and free from grease. We also need to place it in a way to give the cook a commanding view to avoid situations where they can feel uncomfortable or isolated. For last, we should try to use all the burners often to symbolize the abundant movement of wealth in your lives.