The Front Door

Updated: May 24, 2019

The front door has an important setting in Feng Shui. It is known as the mouth to the energy because it is by the front door that the energy enters a space, nurturing and invigorating it. Also, the front door presents the first impression of your place, saying anyone who enters it not only about your style and tastes, but also speaking about your life and who you are.

If your front door is wreathed, cluttered, and uncomfortable is tells people – including you – that you are not open to new opportunities, that you do not aim to meet new people, and that you are not open for new experiences. However, if your door is welcoming, pleasant, and neat, it will speak to everyone, sending messages to attract the purest things to your home – and to your life.

Like this, having a pathway that is wide enough for people to walk and reach your front door is very important to make it more reachable as well as pleasant. It is also advised to have a pathway separated by the driveway, keeping them bright and clear of obstacles.

What do you think about a front door that is difficult to be seen? Do you believe people, energy, and opportunities would find their way to the space easily? Maybe not even the mailperson would. For that reason, besides having an easy access to the front door, it is also important to have a good visibility of it.

Fountains and plants are also very welcome to the front entrance. Of course, you need to consider disposition and proportion before placing them near your front door to avoid transforming it in a clutter and conglomerate space. However, selecting the right items that speak to your heart and manifest yourself, besides making you feel welcome when arriving at your space is no wrong thing.

Conceive the front entrance of your space as the area of approaching new things in your life, to welcome new people and possibilities. Make it inviting and let it shine!


Chicagoland, IL. USA