Let Energy Flow

About My Life My Space

​      My Life My Space was created from the knowledge that organizing a space people live and work is essential to improve their quality of life. At the same time, it has its roots in the understanding that by working with the energy flow of a space, it is possible to harmonize an environment, bringing a good Feng Shui to it and enhancing specific areas of life such as career, wealth, health, and relationships.

     My Life My Space’s name comes in reference to the close connection between lives and the space in which people live or spend most of their time in. It is an allusion to the fact that we can learn a lot about people just by seeing their space. In the end, by working on a space, it is possible to live in a more mindful way.

      Beyond that, My Life My Space consulting is based in the fact that prior any modification in a space, it is mandatory to make room for the energy to flow. That is the reason every Feng Shui project must begin with a space organizing, which includes decluttering/detaching  and a categorization (according to each client's need) so that people can have control over their spaces while they also enjoy them.



“To help you to live in a healthier space”



My Life My Space's purpose is to assist you through the process of reconnecting with your space and being in charge of your belongings.



Respect for people and their spaces