My New Space

Choose the right place for you

- by learning more about its Feng Shui -

Investment starting at $188

up to 2 properties - 60 minutes appointment

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Buying a house or a condo is an important moment in everyone’s lives and for this reason, it might become an overwhelming task, with many doubts and things to think about.

Bringing Feng Shui to the process of buying a new home is a wise decision to assure that you are making a good investment instead of purchasing something that can become a further problem on the road.

That is because you can decide on the property that will be better aligned with you, your life, energy, and routine avoiding an ill one.

A space with a bad Feng Shui can be a nightmare and instead of supporting you in your life, it can be uncomfortable and a hard place to thrive.

By having more information about the Feng Shui of each property you are interested, you can decide on the space that is best for you and that will help to bring good energy, opportunities, and people to you and your loved ones.

Besides of helping you to live with more harmony, peace, health, happiness, and abundance, a space with a favorable Feng Shui is easier to sell in the future.

With this session, you will be able to:

* Learn more about the Feng Shui of the properties you are interested *

* Assess the pros and cons about each property you are interested *

* Have more information to purchase or rent the space that is best for your *

* Refrain of getting property with a bad Feng Shui *

* Make the best decision for you and for the people you love the most *

* Stay away of choosing a property that is in no way aligned with you and your energy *

What do you receive?


  • One individual session

  • Customized advices on the properties (to guide you with a decision and further décor)

  • Pros and cons of each propriety

  • A record of our appointment for you to listen as many times as you want

How does it happen?


After the confirmation of your investment, you will receive instructions to send the photographs and the floor plan of the properties you are interested in. After receiving all the information, I will study each space and we meet (on Zoom). During our videocall you receive the orientation of each property’s. You will learn about the Feng Shui details of each property and what is good and what is not good about them, being in a better place to make a decision that is best for you.

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Hi, I'm Susi Molina

I was born in Brazil; I have a background in Law, and I am trained in Feng Shui, Organizing, Acasma Quantum Energy healing, and other holistic techniques with masters from Asia, Brazil, and the USA, and now I help my clients and students around the world.

I have been in this situation of hunting a home and, besides all the details we need to observe when looking for the right property, it is also important to make sure the property we choose does not have a bad Feng Shui.

It is possible to identify things that are harmful to people to avoid making a huge mistake.

I created this consulting to help you through this important moment of your life not only because buying a property is an important investment, but also because I know that you need and deserve a space that is in its best shape, that supports you, and that it is mostly aligned with you (and your family).

A Tower of Stones


1. Is our session individual?

Yes, My New Space is individual and customized for you.


2. What do I need to make available for our work together?

You need to provide the floor plan of your space and photos of some specific rooms of the proprieties.


3. How many meetings will we have during the treatment?

We meet once, via Zoom. In our call you receive the information about the properties. (compass directions is a plus)


4. What is the investment in treatment?

$188 – one / two properties

$270 – three properties

$360 – four properties

$450 – five properties


5. What is the payment method?

Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle.


6. Do you offer a refund?

Due the nature of this service, I do not offer a refund.


7. How do I know if it will work for me?

All sessions and guidance provided are done in good faith based on my knowledge, training, and experience. However, they are not intended to replace the care or guidance of a doctor or therapist. Any and all communication provides resources, assistance, and instructions to help you live in a healthier, harmonized space, with better vital energy and should be considered explicitly only for educational, spiritual and energetic purposes. Susane Marangoni Molina, My Life My Space, LLC, takes no responsibility for you to achieve the goals you set.


8. I still have other questions; how do I contact you?

If you did not find the answer to your question here, send an email to with the title “Questions – My New Space” and I will answer you with the information you need.



In respect for your time and mine, we commit - if necessary - to reschedule a session within at least 24 hours in advance.


Payment in advance in required to schedule an appointment. After making the payment, send an email to with your name, the program you chose, and your phone number (If you have all the materials and information about your space ready, you can email them as well).


Once the payment is received, you will receive a call or email to schedule your appointment.


CONFIDENTIALITY: all information shared about your life, space, and treatment is confidential, unless you agree otherwise.