Feng Shui My Space

Bring more abundance and balance to your life

- by improving the Feng Shui of your space -

Investment: $555

Are you ready to heal your space?


Ready to study your floor plan, learn more about the Feng Shui of your environment, improve the energy of your property, bringing more balance to your life and to the lives of people you love the most?

Ready to make room for energy to flow, improving the health of your property and bringing more harmony, abundance and peace into your routine?

Are you ready to allow your environment to reflect your higher self and to be aligned with your life goals?

Ready to live with more quality, being in complete harmony with your environment?

Ready to live with more harmony, knowing that everything flows to you with ease and abundance?

But it is not easy to do everything by yourself, right?!

You are seeking more peace and balance, but it does seem a reality far away from yours?

There are a lot of details in Feng Shui, and in the beginning, you don't know where to start.

You want to make room for the energy to flow, but you've already realized that moving furniture around is not enough.

You feel that you need to improve the energy around you but is afraid to apply everything in the wrong way and make the situation worse instead of improving it.

You want to enhance each area of ​​life but have no idea how to apply the bagua properly to your floor plan.

You would love to transform your life and your space, but you are confused by so much information about the right cures for each area.

You want to transmute the energy around you, but you don't know how to make it happen.

I also felt like this!

I know how it is... I’ve been there! I've wanted to improve the vital energy around me and to study the Feng Shui in my home, but I didn't know where to start. I would make several changes with things I found on the internet, but I would not see any results.

We start to become so overwhelmed with tons of information that we feel frustrated and discouraged to improve our home and change our current reality.

Floor plan, elements, Feng Shui schools, cures, what it is good, what it is not good, what helps and what weakens each area of ​​life. It is so much that it becomes exhausting. And it doesn't have to be that way... practicing Feng Shui is supposed to be a pleasant and peaceful experience.

Practicing Feng Shui should be an exciting opportunity to connect with your environment, transmute the energy around you, transform your space to reflect your best self and your life goals.

Hi, I'm Susi Molina

I am from Guará, SP, with a background at Law. I am Feng Shui practitioner and specialist, and I will be delighted to share with you what I know and help you to improve your life and your space as I improved mine.

When I started to practice Feng Shui, I did everything on my own and I wasn't sure of what I was doing. I confess that I struggled and made some mistakes, but with constant practice and studies, I started to achieve many things in my life, living the life of my dreams.

Now, I live in Chicagoland with my family and it was through Feng Shui and Acasma Quantum Energy Healing that we started to live better, surrounded by things we love, being able to accomplish what we want and need, in a beautiful, healthy, and harmonized property and with great gratitude for each and all the blessings in our lives.

I am trained in Feng Shui, Organizing, Acasma, and other holistic techniques with masters from Asia, Brazil, and the USA, and now I help my clients and students around the world.

I assist them to create healthier spaces that nourish and are aligned with their lifestyles, their taste and their energy. Together, we create environments that support their people in all aspects of their lives, to live with more harmony, health, peace, abundance and prosperity.

And you can have that too!

Just be open to learn, test and start this journey of knowledge about yourself and your environment, using the tools that I will pass on to make your life and space more functional, healthy, harmonized, balanced and abundant.

With the Feng Shui My Space one-on-one program, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to apply bagua to your floor plan, discovering where each area of ​​ life is located in your property.

  • Make room for energy to flow in your space.

  • Assess the entire space and each area of ​​life (physically and metaphysically).

  • Improve the chi (vital energy) of the entire environment.

  • Learn more about the cycle of the five elements and how it applies to your space.

  • Align each area of ​​your property to your life, to your goals and your best energy.

  • Improve the decoration of your space for more balance between the five elements and better Feng Shui in your surroundings.

  • Use the decoration of each room of your property for more health, harmony, abundance and prosperity.

What do you get in this program?

  • 6 one-on-one appointments with me (we can increase the amount of appointments according to your needs and to the size of your property)

  • Advice to assess and to let go of objects that do not reflect your best self and your life goals according to the techniques I use (the final decision is on you!)

  • Orientation to better handle clutter and objects that block the flow in your life

  • Guidelines for improving the layout of your furniture for a more favorable energy flow for you and the people you love most

  • Advice on how to harmonize each area of ​​life, with their respective cures

  • Individual and customized for you, your space and your lifestyle

  • Orientation to use your decoration for your greatest benefit with Feng Shui

  • Follow-up by e-mail for questions during the program (and in the next 15 days from the last session)

You also receive:

  • Guidance of crystals for specific Feng Shui cures and energy alignment

  • Advice to perform the energy cleansing of your space

  • A record of our appointments so you can listen to it as many times as you like

  • 30+ pages of a personalized and complete report with juicy information about your Feng Shui (and your space's Feng Shui


Crystal recommendations

Energy cleansing e-book

Indoor plants e-book

What my clients say

How does it happen?


After the confirmation of your investment in the program, you receive the questionnaire and instructions to send me the photos of your home and the floor plan. Then, we schedule our first call to learn more about each other and to talk about your needs and challenges. We identify your current goals and challenges and determine the goal for our project.

We have our meetings (through Zoom) every week, and you receive the guidance to start the transformation in your space. At each meeting, you are advised to make changes in your environment to improve and to heal its vital energy. The amount of times we meet depends on your needs and on the size of your property. This program starts with 5 meetings for spaces up to 1,000 sq. ft. and we can increase them as needed.

Throughout our time working together, you have direct access to me for questions and guidance. In addition, you learn the technique while applying in your own space.

At our last meeting, you receive the final guidance to further harmonize your space and you also receive a written report with details about your property's Feng Shui, as well as guidance for you to practice in the future when you feel the need to change something in the decoration.


1. Is the Feng Shui My Space one-on-one program individual?

Yes, the Feng Shui My Space program is individual and customized for your needs and to the particularities of your space.


2. What do I need to make available for our work together?

You need to answer a questionnaire for me to access areas of life and learn more about you and your home, provide the birth dates of everyone who live with you and the floor plan of your space. You also need to send me some photos of some specific rooms and determination to transform and optimize your environment and your life.


3. How many meetings will we have during the treatment?

We will meet 6 times, once a week, for 6 weeks, but we can increase the sessions due the size of your property, if needed.


4. What is the investment in this program?

The investment in the Feng Shui My Space treatment is $555. If we decide to schedule more than 6 sessions, each extra session will be only $90 (you save $21). 


5. What is the payment method?

Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle.


6. Do you offer a refund?

Due the nature of this service, I do not offer a refund.


7. How do I know if it will work for me?

All sessions and guidance provided are done in good faith based on my knowledge, training, and experience. However, they are not intended to replace the care or guidance of a doctor or therapist. Any and all communication provides resources, assistance, and instructions to help you live in a healthier, harmonized space, with better vital energy and should be considered explicitly only for educational, spiritual and energetic purposes. Susane Marangoni Molina, My Life My Space, LLC, takes no responsibility for you to achieve the goals you set.


8. I still have other questions; how do I contact you?

If you did not find the answer to your question here, send an email to contact@MyLifeMySpace.com with the title “Questions - Feng Shui My Space” and I will answer you with the information you need.



In respect for your time and mine, we commit - if necessary - to reschedule a session within at least 24 hours in advance.

Payment in advance in required to schedule an appointment. After making the payment, send an email to contact@mylifemyspace.com with your name, the program you chose, and your phone number (If you have all the materials and information about your space ready, you can email them as well).


Once the payment is received, you will receive a call or email to schedule your first appointment.


CONFIDENTIALITY: all information shared about your life, space, and treatment is confidential, unless you agree otherwise.