Feng Shui Express

Bring more harmony and peace to your life

- by improving the Feng Shui of your space -


$111 (45 minutes appointment)

$188 (2 appointments)

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Have you been seeking to renew the energy of your environment?

Do you feel your space could be ill, in need of more love and care?

Do you need to improve and shift the energy of your home?

Do you want to bring more balance to your life?

Do you feel your space does not support you with abundance in life?

Do you want to apply the bagua to your floor plan and have indispensable cures for your décor?

Do you want to transform your life and your space with Feng Shui?

And do you want to do it quickly, in a more affordably way?

Then, Feng Shui Express is

for you!

One-on-one appointment.

Straight to the point to deal with the main issues your space has.

Customized to your floor plan, to your  space, and to you.

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The Feng Shui Express is for people who:

Live with other people and cannot make changes to their entire space yet.

Are moving and want to improve the energy of the property to sell it faster.

Will do some remodeling and want to make sure they are bringing a good Feng Shui to their property.

Cannot commit to a Feng Shui program that lasts longer right now but want to improve their place to live better.

Are not in the right moment to invest more money in the Feng Shui My Space program but want to enjoy a healthier and more harmonized environment that supports them to grow.

With the Feng Shui Express consulting, you will be able to:

 * Learn more about your Feng Shui of your space *


* Identify what is not favorable to you in your space *

* Bring important energy cures (remedies) to your property *

* Improve the chi (vital energy) of your environment *

* Harmonize the main rooms in your property *

* Improve the Feng Shui around you *

What do you receive with the

Feng Shui Express?

  • 1 individual session (45 minutes or two of 45 minutes each)

  • Individual and customized advice for you, your space, and your lifestyle

  • Guidance to harmonize your space

  • Orientation to apply specific cures in your environment

  • A record of our appointments so you can listen to it as many times as you like

  • Guidelines for improving the layout of your furniture for a more favorable energy flow

  • Orientation to use your décor for your greatest benefit with Feng Shui

  • Cures (Feng Shui remedies) to make your space healthier and more harmonized

How does it happen?


After the confirmation of your investment, you receive a questionnaire that will help me to learn more about you and your space. You also receive instructions to send the pictures and the floor plan of your home. I study your space before our appointment. Then, we have our videocall and you receive the guidance to transform your environment and to improve it.

What my clients say

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Hi, I'm Susi Molina

I am the certified Quantum worker and Feng Shui practitioner that founded My Life My Space. If you sign up for the Feng Shui Express, we will work together, and I will be delighted to share with you what I know about this technique to help you to improve your life and your space as I improved mine.

When I started practicing Feng Shui, I did everything by myself, and I wasn't sure what I was doing. I confess that I made many mistakes, but with practice, several trainings, and constant studies, I started to achieve many things in my life that go beyond material.

With my practice in the past few years, I have learned to live more in harmony (with myself and my environment), to vibrate in a more higher energy frequency, to be more appreciative of the wonderful things I have in my life to achieve even more.

I created the Feng Shui Express to help people who are not in the moment to invest more time or money in a project because I have been there. There were times when I did not have much money or enough time to hire someone to help me, and I know how much a mentor can helps us to change our lives (and spaces).

My life mission is to help people create healthier spaces that nourish and are aligned with their lifestyle, taste, and energy. Together, we create environments that support their people in all aspects of their lives, to live with more love, harmony, health, peace, abundance, and prosperity.

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1. Is the Feng Shui Express an individual consultation?

Yes, the Feng Shui Express is individual and customized to your needs and to the particularities of your space.


2. What do I need to make available for our work together?

You need to answer a questionnaire for me to assess the areas of life, provide the floor plan of your space, photos of some specific rooms, and determination to transform and to optimize your environment and your life.


3. How many meetings will we have?

That depends on your needs, you can purchase one or two appointments.


4. What is the investment in this service?

The investment in the Feng Shui Express consulting is $111 for 45 minutes appointment and $188 for 90 minutes appointment.


5. What is the difference between the 45 and 90 minutes appointments?

The difference between the two appointments is the time we have together. In the 90 minutes, I can answer more of your questions, we can study your space deeper, and you receive the double of the time and save $34.


6. What is the payment method?

PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle.


7. Do you offer a refund?

Due the nature of this consulting there is no refund available.


8. How do I know if it will work for me?

All sessions and guidance provided are done in good faith based on my knowledge, training, and experience. However, they are not intended to replace the care or guidance of a doctor or therapist. Any and all communication provides resources, assistance, and instructions to help you live in a healthier, harmonized space, with better vital energy and should be considered explicitly only for educational, spiritual and energetic purposes. Susane Marangoni Molina, My Life My Space, LLC, takes no responsibility for you to achieve the goals you set.


9. I still have other questions; how do I contact you?

If you did not find the answer to your question here, send an email to contact@MyLifeMySpace.com with the title “Questions - Feng Shui Express” and I will answer you with the information you need.

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In respect for your time and mine, we commit - if necessary - to reschedule a session within at least 24 hours in advance.


Payment in advance in required to schedule an appointment. After making the payment, send an email to contact@mylifemyspace.com with your name, the program you chose, and your phone number (If you have all the materials and information about your space ready, you can email them as well).


Once the payment is received, you will receive a call or email to schedule your appointment.


CONFIDENTIALITY: all information shared about your life, space, and treatment is confidential, unless you agree otherwise.