Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient metaphysical practice that means wind and water. It has elements of quantum physics, philosophy, astronomy, numerology, and astrology.

​Feng Shui is a practice that harmonizes people's lives with their surrounding environment by the improvement of energy flow and by the balance of the décor with the Five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) and other aspects, such as principles of Yin-Yang, cardinal points, and flying stars.

The practice is also called an art and is a philosophy of life because it harmonizes spaces, bringing pleasant energy to people's lives, but for its best function, it is necessary that the change begins in the self, with a positive thinking, speaking, and behaving.

​To start out, you need to dispose of what is unnecessary and of what does not bring you enjoyable memories and feelings. You need to take away all the objects that are broken and cannot be repaired. You also need to get rid of bad thoughts and grief, forgiving, but also keeping around only what reflects the best of yourself.

Feng Shui is a technique that works with a space in its whole. A project starts by making room for energy to flow with the "letting go" of unnecessary and unloved items, followed by an organization of specific areas to improve the functionality in the location. Then, we enhances each area of life in the space to bring a better balance and harmony to it.


How it can help you?

Applying Feng Shui & Organizing in your space will refine its energy flow and help to balance the interior vitality of your home and/or your office, bringing higher vibrations to the environment around you.

 By practicing, you can channel good energy, neutralizing harmful fluids to not compromise the energy flow of the area. Then, you can interact in the healthiest way possible with your own space and to work with intention to reach your goals in life.


One step of the process is to cleanse your bodies, detoxifying yourself, choosing healthier foods, and exercising regularly.

Another important step of this process is the mind cleaning. Trying to live in the present, not clinging to the past and not worrying about the future. Forgiving, not holding grief or hurting yourself. Detaching from unnecessary stuff and being aware of what and why you own what you do.

The process is a remind that "You need to be your best friend!!".


~ Let the energy flow! ~