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Susane Molina

Sign: Cancer

Ascendant: Aquarius

Energy type: Generator

"Dream on
Dream until your dream come true"

Hello Beautiful Light!


My name is Susane, and I also go by Susi. I am from a small town called Guará, in São Paulo, Brazil. I have a background in Law, I am a person who needs to have a meaning in my work and who aims to make the difference where I go.

I practice what I preach. Before, Feng Shui was first my hobby. When I understood that everything is filled with energy, that nothing flows in a cluttered or poorly cared place (nothing, including our lives), I started to see its benefits in my own life, and I decided to not only practice, but also to work with it.

I will be delighted to share with you what I know about this technique to help you to improve your life and your space as I improved mine. I am trained in Feng Shui, Organizing and other holistic techniques with masters from Asia, Brazil, and the USA, and now I help my clients and students around the world.

I assist them to create healthier spaces that nourish and that are aligned with their lifestyles, their taste and their energy. Together, we create environments that support their people in all aspects of their lives, to live with more harmony, health, peace, love, abundance and prosperity.

  • I respect my clients and their spaces


  • I offer a non-judgmental attitude

  • All client information is kept confidential

  • Clients photos are only used after their explicit permission

  • All fees for services are previously presented transparently

  • Integrity, quality, and responsibility are key to my everyday work


“To help you to live in a healthier and more harmonized space”



My Life My Space's purpose is to assist you through the process of reconnecting with your space and being in harmony with yourself and belongings.

My Life My Space, LLC, was created from the knowledge that:

EVERYTHING has a vital energy


Chi (Qi) is life force, also understood as vital energy.

It is life itself and it is present in everything and everyone. This principle goes along with quantum energy and aims to balance the vital energy of people, spaces, and objects for more harmony, peace, flow, abundance, and vitality.


Our environments reflect ourselves


That is why My Life My Space received its name. A reference to the close connection between the lives and the space in which people spend most of their time in.

By seeing an environment, we can learn a lot about its people, because it reflects their energy, taste, routine, and goals; and by working in it, we can identify, address, and change patterns and limiting beliefs that block people from living the lives of their dreams. Finally, by transmuting the energy of a space, people can align their surroundings with their higher selves.


Our surroundings affect us


Scientific researches show that the environment surrounding each person has a direct influence in her life.

A space affects our beliefs, behavior, energy, health, routine, and mood. It can facilitate or discourage interaction among people. It can help to create or to reduce stress. It can support or depress us of living our best lives. That is why it is hard to thrive when they don’t support us and why it is important to guarantee it is playing a positive role in our lives instead of being the cause of negative outcomes.  


We can transmute our own energy and the energy of things around us


As sovereign beings, humans have the ability to co-create.


How we think, speak, and act create our reality. By living awake and deeply listening to our hearts we can transmute energy and change our reality. Transmuting energy means that we are able to shift it from a negative or dense state to a positive one, which is a higher vibration state.       


We can work in our spaces as a first step to work in ourselves (and in our own lives)


Sometimes people change and need to match their environment to this new chapter for it to support them. Other times, they need the change and without knowing which path to follow, they can start the work in their surroundings in a way to find some answers.


Have you ever experienced a situation when you had to make an important decision, or you were going through an important moment and decluttering seemed to help to take a huge weight out of your shoulders? Or even when you were cleaning your home seemed to help you to organize your thoughts? This shows the strong connection between ourselves and our spaces.


Energy needs to flow for more abundance and harmony


One of the principles of a good Feng Shui and healthy energy is flow.


When energy flows, it offers benefits to people, allowing them to live with more balance, opportunities, and support. It maximizes our potential to have more quality of life and to thrive. That is why it is so important to guarantee that the energy is flowing through ourselves and our spaces.